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Fire Tree

We are so delighted to see that an article we wrote was published in the Global Ecovillage Network’s (GEN) international newsletter in December. The theme of the newsletter is “Healing Colonialism” and the story of Belipola, Analog Forestry and Sri Lanka’s ever present colonial legacy seemed to fit well. We decided to tell the story of General Brownrigg whose brutal retaliation to Sri Lanka’s struggle for independence left a lasting scar on the hilltops of Uva Province. Belipola is in part a response to a continued legacy of slash and burn agriculture, mono-cropping, and the neo-colonial agenda of agribusiness. As someone close to Belipola once said to me, “Belipola is the balm that soothes the dragon’s fiery breath”.

Read the article here and let us know what you think!

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