Arriving home in the forest

27 April 2013

CanopyFrom the moment I stepped into Belipola I felt I had arrived home. Walking down the stone steps and into the arms of the forest, I knew my life would change and we were about to begin a critical journey. So many signs had led us here, we knew we were getting close but we were getting weary of the unknown.

When I was in India in February, I remember talking to a friend, Helen, about the yearning for a mentor. And before I went to sleep I would always ask the question – who is my mentor? I’m ready and I want to find this person. I had a dream about Amma, the spiritual guide and teacher of Helen and Rocine. I didn’t learn too much from that dream, it seemed unorganized. But I felt the strong sense of Amma and talked to Helen and Roicine about it and I can understand her spirit much more. She is a giver of love, showering peace and harmony on everyone, exuding and toxicating well-being feelings to all around her.

So as we began to walk into this beautiful patch of Earth with Piyal, I had this overwhelming feeling that the forest was my mentor. I could feel the energy of the land, the creatures that were singing and those that were invisible to the eye. I had an unexpressable feeling of love and harmony wash over me, as I began to think about this organism that gives so much to all on this planet. And I began to think also of all the amazing people who have been involved with Belipola and Analog Forestry, who are also my mentors – Ranil, Lorena, Lawrence, Cedric, Piyal. I think I’m on a journey of discovery and unimaginable heights, one that will lead me to answers to the many questions I’ve been asking my whole life.

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