The two sides of the river are two worlds

这条河流的两边是两个世界 The two sides of the river are two worldsShen Wei 1

作者:沈巍 Author: Shen Wei
Time: 2,August,2015

When i came to belipola, I have benefited a lot from the Natural law.
When I put the picture of the forest to the wechat to share with friends, many of my friends told me that,oh you like pastoral life, we have a lot of mountains and forests…
There are a lot of forest in China not surprisingly, when you really understand Belipola, you will understand that the future is suitable for human development ideas.
Will see the entrance, this picture is my place in the stream, on the left, we have been very familiar:
People cut down trees here, and then planted ‘economic crops’, which are the farmers’ living and income sources, to grow more crops, should cut more trees, or add fertilizers and pesticides.
The mountain looks still green, are utilized, also increased the income, but there are several problems as follows:
1. Cultivation of a single crop long-term,soil nutrients will be destroyed, the soil will slowly change; long-term to see, crop yields will decline.
2. more and more trees are being cut down, destroying the ecological chain, a lot of animals will migrate. When the ecological environment can not be a natural circulation, the mountain’s nutrient is increasingly impaired, long-term, perhaps one day is no longer suitable for planting crops.
3, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, the soil, water quality and human body have a subtle impact.

The right side of the stream is the way of belipola, in about 30 years ago, there were not so many trees, almost a deserted mountain, how to become so lush forest now?
shen 9
‘Take care of the earth’
This concept, when I come to Sri Lanka, I met a girl of 90 years——ciao fang tould me. I am instantly attracted, how beautiful and look far ahead from a high plane! This is a part of the idea of permaculture .
People can consider the interests of the earth, how to take good care of it is very good, and secondly to meet the needs of people. This is a long-term, sustainable thinking.
‘Biological diversity’
30 years ago, the owner of the forest began to plant a variety of plants, there are particularly tall, hi Yang tree, there are more than 20 meters tall tree, there are also a variety of high shade plants, flowers, grass, but also planted a number of local fruit trees, such as butter fruit, pineapple, coffee, coconut trees, etc., are interspersed with some, not a piece of.
Today, 30 years later, you can see, there are trees everywhere, attracting a lot of little animals, every morning I wake up by squirrels and birds, a few more monkeys here, on the other alien to the forest, you can feel a lot of micro climate…
Of course, there are also growing vegetables and other economic crops, to see what is the difference between the garden and the next.
2年前,Trudy(斯里兰卡人shen 5)和Sion(美国人),来到了这里,他们相识于缅甸,都热爱自然的生活,相恋后,决定回到Judy的故乡,用心在这里生活,用了两年的时间建了很多自然建筑,房舍,厨房,学习教室,食材花园,有蔬菜园,香料园,植物草本园……
Two years ago, Trudy (Sri Lanka) and Sion (American),they met in Burma, have a passion for the life of the natural, fell in love and decided to return to Trudy’s hometown, live here by heart, they built a lot of natural building, houses, kitchen learning classroom, food garden, vegetable garden, Oriental Garden, herb garden…for two years.
When I stepped into the garden. It is near the river, there are a few large monocultures, many kinds of vegetables, spices,many kinds of flowers (heard that the fragrance of the flowers can deworming), forming a such a variety of vegetable garden.
In the vegetable garden, a small area of forest, where it is specialized to cultivate a variety of vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers and plants.
A few days ago, a few French people in the river planted 20 trees, in the right place, in the forest need.shen 4
This is a place for fattening.
Obviously, the soil will become more and more rich, and the diversity of forests will be more abundant, which represents the relationship between people and nature in the future, while the other side is being replaced.
I think a lot,what is the kind of relationship between nature and human? When humans put themselves in the position of the nature, human beings begin to enter into arrogance and ignorance.
Luckily,on this society, there are always some practitioners, ideas of the enlightenment such as those who rebuild forests, such as sion, judy……Thank you! I will follow your mind.

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