Come and Stay

The Belipola Experience - Simple Living – Higher Thinking

Team Building - Walking Together and Exploring our SensesGet a taste of a different way of life. Slow down. Live a little more simply. Take time out to reflect and rediscover what is important in your life. Relax and revive. Enjoy the fresh air and wholesome organic food.

Join in as much or as little as you like and learn by doing – organic cooking, organic gardening, analog forestry, processing forest garden products (natural healing balms, jam, soap, green tea, and more). Learn Sinhala from the locals. Meditate in the forest. Swim in the river. Read a book from our library. Or simply enjoy nature – wake up to the sound of birds, walk around, & take in a sunset…

Cost*: Rs2500 Per person/night, all meals included.
Children: 12 years and under are half price; 2 years and under are free.
Meals: We provide all meals (fresh, vegetarian, organic).
* For your information: exchange rate is approximately USD$1=Rs130

Add ons:

  • 2 hour guided tour of Belipola with introduction to the concepts of Analog Forestry and the plants that make up the forest sections. Rs500 per person
  • Half day guided tour of the local village, meet some villagers and lunch at a local home. Rs1000 per person
  • Full day tour of the local village, meet the villagers and lunch at a local home and visit local organic farms. Rs1500 per person
  • Half day tour and introduction to the village temple and Buddhism in practice. See the temple, meet the monks and learn about the practice of Buddhism in Sri Lankan village life Rs. 500 per person

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