Internships are opportunities to experience and learn. At Belipola, you will be immersed in the forest and live in community, with fellow humans as well as Earth’s creatures. Some days are full of activities, and some are more slow-paced, where you can just flow with nature’s rhythms.

We host students from universities, youth from organisations and anyone who is interested in coming here to live and learn, through a coordinated program.

We believe in supporting young people and adults journey through life. This may be challenging at times, as we face the unknown, however, if we are still enough and objective enough, we will be able to work through the tough times and find peace and happiness.

Minimum stay: 4 weeks. (For shorter stays, see our Come and Stay page)
Work: 35 hours/week (fulltime volunteers), 15 hours/week (part-time volunteers)
Work hours: 7am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday
Cost*: Rs3500/week (part-time volunteers). If you work full-time (7am to 3.30pm) Monday to Friday, then we ask for a donation, whatever you are able to contribute. All contributions helps us to pay for volunteer related expenses and to fund development of future volunteer facilities and support. As an unfunded environmental and social development organisation, we rely on the contribution of volunteers to build our valuable work.

Accommodation: Dormitory accommodation is provided (4 beds/room, shared bathroom). To upgrade, add Rs500 per person/night (twin share room) or Rs1000 per person/night (single room)
Meals: We provide all food (fresh, vegetarian, organic). Generally, lunch is catered and it’s make your own breakfast and dinner from what is in the pantry.
Arrive: on Wednesday afternoon for orientation that day and then usually a garden/forest tour on Wednesday morning.
Trial Period: Your volunteering begins with a 3 day trial period. Assuming all is well, you can then stay on for up to a month. If all goes well in that time, you can then stay on for a longer period.
* For your information: exchange rate is approximately USD$1=Rs130

Apart from the beauty of Belipola itself, we are close to some of the most beautiful parts of Sri Lanka. Take a look at some of the things you can do and see in and around Belipola.