IAFN LogoBelipola is one of four regional training centers of the International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) and has hosted the Asia Regional AF focal point.

Central America and Caribbean Regional Training Center for Analog Forestry: CENTRO DE CAPACITACIÓN BOSQUES ANÁLOGOS

Latin America Regional Training Center for Analog Forestry: PROBIOMA

Africa Regional Training Center for Analog Forestry: CENDEP Cameroon

Belipola is Rainforest Rescue International‘s demonstration and training site for Analog Forestry and organic farming.

Both Ends is a funding partner of Belipola.

Rich Forests and Belipola collaborate by sharing information and developing analog forestry projects together.

Belipola supplies organic produce and all natural, handmade home and body care products to the Good Market in Colombo.

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