Education & Training

As humanity walks ever forward in the cycle that moves all living things in the biosphere, it is important that we take opportunities to reflect and meditate on the processes that brought us to this iteration of life.  For it is life, and life alone that is precious in the biosphere, in all of its diversity and myriad color.

It is now more important than ever, as the health of the biosphere weakens, that we learn and practice and learn some more about the processes that have sustained life on this planet for millions of years. As a learning center we try to live the practice of sustainability and in doing so, every act is an opportunity to learn how we might integrate more fluidly with the larger processes of life.  Beyond learning from our experiences, we offer custom programs for schools, companies, NGOs and individuals who would like to join in the re-creation of abundance.

Sustainability is a big concept with many possible focal areas.  It is the vision of this education center to offer a broad spectrum of ideas, practices, activities and technologies that we believe move us towards an abundant way of living.

Belipola comes as a response to the mismanagement of our planet’s natural resources.  It comes as an example of the union between creativity and science and offers the ideal location to learn about methods and systems to restore some of what has been lost from our Earth.  The Belipola Sustainability Education Center primarily functions as Asia’s training hub for Analog Forestry as part of the International Analog Forestry Network’s (IAFN) training center network.  Because Belipola is such a unique space it also serves as an education hub for many sustainability topics and experiential learning programs.  Analog Forestry will always feature prominently and provide the backdrop for all training programs offered here.  In the future we plan to host accredited training programs like the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course.

Belipola is the world’s first analog forestry testing site, and therefore presents and unmatched opportunity to learn from the real world application of this design science.  Belipola offers many unique teaching points, including, but not limited to, watershed restoration, tree care, nursery management, organic agriculture, and analog forestry design and application.

Please get in touch if you or your group would like to know more about the programs that we can offer at Belipola. Every training or learning experience is as unique as the learner.  It is our goal to create custom programs to meet your needs.